In keeping with the ranch mission the ranch is self supported through its ranching operations and uses actual operations for educational programs aimed at helping Texas ranchers.

Projects at La Copita Demonstration Ranch focus on integration of range resource management. Understanding plant, insect, and animal interactions is critical to making management decisions that influence their ecology and environment. Landowners and managers making these decisions are generally concerned about the economics of implementing changes in management. La Copita is investigating the balance of revenues and resources to maintain healthy sustainable ecological systems. Presently at La Copita revenues are generated from grazing and hunting leases and nature tour operations. Range management practices implemented to maintain the health and diversity of vegetation resources involve balancing animal densities, grazing events, vegetation manipulations, and soil disturbances. Each of these management decisions is focused on enhancing the effectiveness of rainfall that controls and limits vegetation production.


Grazing rights are currently leased.

Wildlife Protection

Hunting is leased.


Nature Tourism was implemented at La Copita in 2003 to diversifying ranch enterprises to address the interest by landowners in this type of enterprise. Tours were solicited for large groups of 20-50 persons, primarily individuals interested in guided bird watching trips, star gazing and guests interested in overnight accommodations and a ranch experience. This enterprise has increased the opportunity for the public to enjoy and learn about the Texas ranch experience and has added a new nature tourism research and training component.

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